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Swapping FAQ'S

1. Have many exchanges taken place through
Yes, in our first summer ('09) while running a test site, more than 100 successful exchanges were arranged between members and there was not one negative report back!
Read what our satisfied members have to say in our Media & Testimonials section.

2. How much does it cost to join PropertySwap? is FREE to Join and to list your properties (swap, rental and sales) with unlimited swaps per year! is a completely FREE site to use with NO hidden costs!

3. I own a holiday home in Ireland, can I put this up on
Yes, we welcome both Irish and foreign holiday homes on the PropertySwap system.

4. Is there a limit to the number of exchanges members can do or properties they can upload?
No, members can partake in as many swaps as they like in any given year of membership. The system also allows for 3 property uploads per member but if you want to upload more just contact us and we will enable that for you.

5. Can I exchange my main residence or timeshare property?
No, PropertySwap deals only in holiday home exchanges.

6. I don't own a holiday home can I still join PropertySwap?
No, PropertySwap membership is open only to people who own holiday homes. The immediate family of PropertySwap members may use the service by using the members account with their permission. This must be made clear to the exchange partner when initial contact is made and the member takes responsibility for the family members actions while using the holiday home.

7. What happens if a guest causes damage to the holiday home?
PropertySwap members agree to be responsible for any damages which they might accidentally incur during their stay in the property, although most holiday home insurance policies cover damage by a guest (the same as if you were renting the property), but this should be clarified by each owner prior to an exchange taking place.

8. Do exchanges have to be at the same time or for the same duration?
No, unlike primary residence swaps, holiday home swaps don't have to be at the same time or for the same duration. Holiday home swaps are extremely flexible.

9. Does PropertySwap have any involvement in the actual swap itself?
No, we have no involvement other than giving you access to the services provides in order for you to arrange your swap. All agreements are private, mutually agreed arrangements between members.

10. Is it safe to exchange my holiday home?
Yes, members of PropertySwap are responsible holiday home owners like yourself. If you have rented your holiday home before then the idea of having people whom you do not know in your holiday home is something that you have already considered and come to terms with.
Having somebody in your holiday home when you will also be using theirs gives each member a greater incentive to treat the other member's holiday home with respect. As members discuss and prepare their swap arrangements, a degree of trust will build up. The mutual respect of each others property makes a holiday home exchange successful.

11. Will members personal information be exposed on the internet?
No, PropertySwap does not reveal members addresses, phone numbers or email addresses in the property or personal profiles. Your personal contact information is confidential. Members can make first contact with other members by using the 'send message to this user' facility. This is a private messaging system, (Members may list their name and phone number in the case of rental and sale properties).

12. What about bills and insurance?
Members must agree in advance who will be responsible for which bills related to the exchange, particularly any optional extras that might be available (e.g. a phone). In most cases holiday home owners will continue to pay their own bills during the exchange. The majority of members holiday home insurance policies will cover guests/renters in the property, but this should be clarified by each holiday home owner prior to an exchange taking place.

13. Can I put my holiday home up on if I'm not Irish and I live abroad?
Yes, although the website is geared towards the Irish market we still welcome properties from non-Irish owners of holiday homes who live throughout the world.

 - If you have any further questions that were not answered here please contact us at


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