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Selling FAQ's

Buying an overseas property is easy. But most agents who are keen to sell you an overseas property are less enthusiastic about helping you re-sell the property. gives private individuals the opportunity to take control of selling their property and get actively involved in finding a buyer for their property.

We recognise that to get the most interest in your property you have to ensure that as many people as possible see the details. That is why we are offering this unique service. By advertising on this web site you maximise the chances of finding a buyer for your property.

It is not just potential buyers who will be contacting you. Property agents all over Ireland use to search for property for prospective clients, so you are just as likely to be contacted by an estate agent who has a waiting client looking for a property like yours.

We are fast becoming the most popular portal for private owners to sell their place in the sun!

See our FAQs below:

Why don't I just use an agent to sell my overseas property?

Local agents are often not much help, as they tend to cater more for local buyers rather than foreigners. Foreign developers – and the estate agents both here and abroad who so enthusiastically market their new-build developments – are less than enthusiastic when it comes to taking back a property.

How much does it cost to list my holiday property for sale on

It's completely FREE to place your holiday home for sale on the site. There is NO commission to pay out!

How do I find a buyer with

Once your property has been uploaded to the web site, potential buyers will view the details for your property. If they have a question or an interest in your property then they will send you an enquiry via the direct contact form to your personal email address or by phone if you have published your contact number.

What if they want to view?

If the purchaser wants to view the property you have two choices. You can either arrange for yourself or an associate to show the prospective buyer around the property or you can approach an agent to assist with the viewing. Bare in mind though, that they will charge a commission for their time.

Can I sell my holiday home without an estate agent?

Yes. Estate agents main role is to find you a buyer and then act on your behalf when communicating to that buyer.

They also give advice on valuation, create property description details, communicate with your solicitor, monitor the progress of the sale, and hold keys on completion dates. Remember there is no legal requirement to use an estate agent, but many do have knowledge which is beneficial when selling so we also work with many property agents to help improve our service to you.

How do I vet potential purchasers ?

It is wise to make sensible enquiries about your prospective buyer. The minimum you should obtain is their name, address, mobile and land line number. Find out do they have a property to sell and what stage they are in the selling process. Some people feel more comfortable if they have someone with them whilst the property is viewed.

How do I accept an offer?

Once you have agreed a price you can accept this verbally or in writing. You should obtain your buyers details and the details of their solicitor. Give your buyer your solicitor's details. It's best to get the offer formalized by them. You can use the services of on-line conveyancer instead of a solicitor. They tend to give a cheaper fixed price for their work and the whole process can be conducted by post.

How can I value my property correctly?

Obtaining the correct price can be achieved by comparing similiar properties that have sold in the area. However there are different ways to value your home depending upon its region, when it was purchased and how much you paid for it. Using this information you should be able to carry out your own accurate property valuation.

Keep an eye on the market in the country of purchase and the specific area. Compare your property to other properties that have recently sold in the area, how much did they sell for, did they sell quickly or were they on the market a long time. It's important to do thorough research using local agents and comparative property prices.

How should I present my ad?

Essentially, as a seller you become your own agent. You upload all the details and photos onto our site.  Make sure that you have good photographs and a succinct description of the property,the better the photographs, the easier the promotion.

Is my personal information secure? never ever sell your details to third parties. By using our system your email address is never displayed on the internet. This prevents you from receiving span emails. We do not publish any personal details, you may elect to publish your name and phone number for rental and sale enquiries if you want.


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