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Agent FAQ's helps market and promote developers and agents re-sale properties, off-plan properties and lettings. For more information on how you can advertise your agencies properties on this site then please contact us HERE.

How much do you charge?
Agents can list an unlimited amount of holiday property sales and lettings for FREE

What do we get?
• A personal contact form.
• A personal property calendar.
• Properties - add/edit/view/map
• Access to a vast audience of holiday home owners, holidaymakers and investors.
• Your properties featured in our newsletter and on our homepage for free.
• Great customer service

How do we update our portfolio?
You are issued with a username and password. This allows you access to your 'My PropertySwap' homepage. Here you can add, view and edit your own properties as and when you like. You can also map your property and upload photos here.

How do we list our properties with you?
Simply sign up for a free account and you will be sent your username and password, you may start listing your homes instantly. Please contact us so we can update your membership to allow you upload a greater amount of properties than our individual members.

What type of sales and lettings should we list?
We urge our agents to list their holiday lettings for at least 20% below market rate to reflect the current economic downturn and the money saving ethos of the site. We aim to offer the cheapest online holiday property accommodation in Ireland.
We also want to list the best bargains offered by the most reputable holiday property agents in Ireland. Most of our sales listings will be discounted, below the €250k mark and will be mainly focused on the destinations identified as being the top locations to get the best deals on overseas property in 2010/2011. Contact us for further details.

How do prospects contact us?
Agents can be contacted by email via the user direct contact form or by phone.

Do you guarantee increased exposure?
Our marketing will definitely increase the exposure of your properties. We actively promote your listings on the internet and we guarantee that after your first month we will increase your leads.

You will open up another great advertising channel for your agency and reach the large demographic of Irish people visiting the site on a daily basis.


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